July 2014 archive

thin twin K161

neck pickup rewind on an interesting ‘old kraftsman’ thin twin 161 guitar ¬†‘big boss man’ ¬†jimmy reed with Kay 161 thin twin

spot the difference

album cover artwork workbench cover art no comments please!

takamine bridge

    a recent repair involved lowering the bridge on a japanese made takamine, you can see here the exposed metal grounding strip in the saddle slot which sits on top of 6 hefty peizo elements that in turn sit in a cast aluminium housing retained by the two small domed head bolts.

gretsch chet atkins

  this one came in for a general set up

les paul

hot off the bench is this US custom made LP. I made a replacement neck together with some refinishing, completed to customers requirement. took some time but worth the wait.

the windmills of your A14

further actitivities along the A14 corridor with the erection of 9 new enormous windmills near the workshop at burton wold windfarm. its a revelation to watch these go up so fast, and for me they have a fascinating sculptural beauty.