repairs & restoration

I’ve heard it said that ‘theres nothing that man can make that can’t be mended’, which of course depends on how much time, effort and ultimately skill is put into it. Unfortunately some things aren’t worth mending. Never the less its likely true. We live in a throwaway age and constantly replace broken stuff, whats more we expect to have to do it. Designers design in a life for a product and once its up, thats it. We can’t control that much. Yet we can’t really do that with a prized and expensive guitar. It would be sacrilege, it’s not just another are different.. and although I have to say that they can’t actually live for ever, they often outlast us. If your guitar needs repair or restoration I would be happy to evaluate, quote and repair which with good grace will enable it  to live on for many years.

All major brands like Fender, Gibson, Martin and Takamine and some more rarer vintage items come into the workshop for repair and they all have my best attention.

for a few examples of repairs and restorations please scroll down;

a guitar from the age of steam;

restoration of transistional guitar

restoration of transistional guitar

bridge plate repair;

many years of restringing have gradually eroded the pin holes on this old martin brazilian rosewood bridgeplate;


brazilian rosewood bridge plate; wear to pin holes

any more deteriation and the strings would be pulling through the bridge itself.

pin hole repair underway

pin hole repair underway – the hole on the right already done











Undersaddle pickup installation;

All types of pickups can be fitted but the common installation is for an undersaddle pickup. This requires an initial inspection of the guitar bridge/saddle for suitability as deepening the slot is often required.

2015-03-06 09.47.48

Bridge pin long grain crack;

another common repair is the small crack that can sometimes develop between bridge pins, this time on a Gibson SJ200

2015-01-22 15.19.06

Neck resets;

A kind of ‘last resort’ on vintage guitars is the neck reset. In this example its on a K-161

2015-02-11 13.40.41
neck breaks;

epiphone neck break

epiphone neck break


jigged and splints inserted

resprayed cellulose finish and job done, apart from refitting the hardware and restringing

resprayed cellulose finish

nut replacements;

when the string slots are a problem or after refret a new nut is often required. Especially if your guitar neck is set correctly and theres a buzz at the 1st fret, example;

Phillip Rayfield LP3