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The trouble with doing a blog is that if you don’t do one regularily it looks as if you’ve been doing nothing… and thats not the case, its been hectic. So much so that I regret to say that I am not in position to take on any more major restorations and build projects until later in the year as I am way behind at the moment and must catch up.. otherwise I will have some good customers throwing the towel in and we can’t have that.

I am still able to do quicker turnaround jobs like setups and refrets which essentially help oil the workshop wheels.

Anyway that said, here’s a new swamp ash Esquire body being worked on the pillar drill a couple of days ago to meet a customers specification for a ‘minimalist’ no knobs, bells or whistles guitar. Just pickup to an endpin jack.

2015-07-09 17.49.42

And here’s a new meaning for a 3 piece neck;

2015-06-02 17.20.01

headstock back on

2015-06-08 17.31.57

just the other end to do

On the bouzouki front Jimmy Crowley now has his zouk back and early communications are that its as good as ever after the restoration work, customising and new top. “I’m giving you first class honours, Grade One for t bouzouki. It s a beautiful instrument now & t tone is wonderful “. I know its a bit of a puff to include it here but it always gives a real buzz when you really know it has all worked out. Thankyou Jimmy.

Another fine musician is Stevie Lawrence (photo credit -Stefan Staudenmeier) who has just informed me that his zouk just celebrated its tenth birthday.

Irische Nacht 2015 106

Stevie wrote, recorded and kindly sent me this lovely tune ‘beyond the river’ when he first received the zouk..and I’ve been meaning to get it on the website ever since..

The zouk gets outings with the Red Hot Chiili Pipers;

(photo credit;  Euan Ramsey)

photo 2

(There are some vids on Youtube for the Pipers..)

Stevie reports that the zouk has proved itself a workhorse both live and in the studio;

As a footnote to this blog and bouzouki’s I have to sadly relay the passing of Pete Fyfe earlier this year. Without Pete’s encouragement I don’t think any of the bouzoukis would ever have found there way into such great musicians hands. Pete was a very fine well respected folk musician himself and his opinion counted when I needed advice on the development.