Gatekeeper mandolins

Gatekeeper mandolins Charles and I have just finished. All have back and sides of rare dark English walnut. 2 feature tops of, at least, 40 year old prime western red cedar, cut from a piece given to me back in the 80’s. Previously it was earmarked for use as part of a double bass top. Thats a story in itself. One mandolin features best grade Caucasian spruce top with a mahogany neck, the other two have walnut. All are 3 piece construction, having a maple centre and a single action truss rod,.. which is all that is needed. Decorative features include herringbone, crow’s foot inlay, London plane for bindings and various black and white lines. The tailpieces are brass, which we handmake to our design. Bridges are selected ebony accurately fitted to the arch of the top for best volume and tone and are fitted with bone saddles.

Here Kevin Basset of Craic Heads takes ownership of one.

The spruce top one is also now sold.

Currently we have just the herringbone sound hole inlaid, cedar top one remaining –