life is a minestrone

10 cc served this up with parmesan cheese. ‘orrible.

Here is some of the stuff that’s been served up in the workshop lately;

Firstly, completed just last week is this 5 string mandolin.

This is for sale direct at £400 and is the last one of a batch of 6. All custom hardware and pickups made in the workshop. Please contact me if you are interested or want further details.

2016-06-17 07.47.58

2016-06-17 07.53.562016-06-17 07.53.20

Other luthiery work  pics below;

Gibson firebird refret using Dunlop 6105,

2016-05-13 17.56.43

Les Paul bone nut fitting

vernon 9

70’s Hummingbird finished nut replacement

hum 4

Fingerboard shoot and undergoing stainless refret , medium Fender spec for Strat

2016-04-14 11.37.01

Gibson 339 neck break repair finished

2016-01-05 15.58.44

Jeff Beck sign strat fretwork on the go

2016-06-07 14.25.43

Gibson Flying V neck break repair

2016-02-20 10.46.28

Something that proves you are never too old to learn. I was unaware that the Seymour Duncan Invader bridge pickup has a discreet capacitor. I had thought the coil was open circuit.

2016-05-20 12.29.52