old box repairs

A small departure from the norm, with this very nice victorian box in satinwood, inlaid with tunbridge ware stringing. I was asked if I could fit some new ebony pieces to the edges. Well why not.2015-04-13 09.46.09

Back to business.

Jimmy Crowley bouzouki repair works are now completed, this included a new sitka top and green fish eye inlay amongst other things. I’ll be adding some more info to the website in due course about the Irish bouzoukis with some sound clips.

2015-04-03 19.00.572015-04-03 19.01.21

In the meantime heres Donal Lunny back in the early 90’s using a lefty zouk with Paul Brady;

Moving on to the Om guitar; I was pleased to meet up with Gareth Whittock in the workshop to discuss the project a couple of weeks ago; here’s the piece of reclaimed london plane that is being used. The design might break the world record for number of pickups we’ll be using if we can get round hum issues. Last count was eight.

2015-04-14 18.38.41

Amongst other Gibson repairs this month was this early 1970’s J40 which had a couple of sprung braces on the top causing a distorted top.

2015-03-30 16.50.05gibson J40