ovation legend

Ovations tend to polarise opinions for sure. At the time of their introduction in the 60’s it was a bold approach to guitar making that gained a lot of ground with the broadminded.

This Legend is a design from those early days, very similar to the Glen Campell model.

Having spent a couple of  years working for Kaman (the original parent company of Ovation) as their guitar tech in the UK I had to get familiar with the construction methods and materials used. So I spent a week training in their repair department in Connecticut back in the 90’s observing repair procedures and getting some hands on experience. The guys there were great, necessarily well skilled and had many purpose made jigs that the factory had conjured up. Some of the guitars that were coming back were often over 20 years old and still being repaired under warranty. That was extremely meritable and typical of their customer service.

This  particular Legend turns out to be a pretty good sounding one from the 80’s that’s had regular use and has served its master well.

Here’s the main issue;

2016-01-13 11.01.03

The top is looking worse for wear.. there is a long crack running right through the top on the bass side. Its just outside where the bass side main brace lies.

Generally Ovation guitars have issues over time with distorted tops. Not unusual for acoustics of all makes to move a bit, its to be expected, however most Ovation tops do warp in some way, sometimes quite considerably and it can look a bit worrying.

Below is the ‘inside out’  views. Note the use of an aluminium section that reinforces the buttress joint between outside struts.

2016-01-13 10.59.25 2016-01-13 11.14.14

The repair itself entailed realigning the surfaces, gluing and studding the crack. I also reglued the lifting rosette.

Here’s the finished repair;

2016-01-17 11.28.59

2016-01-17 11.30.05

and here’s Glen putting a later elite style model to work;