return of the zouk

Here is a bouzouki I made back in 1993 for troubadour Jimmy Crowley in Cork, Ireland.

Jimmy’s been getting a fair amount of use out of it over the years and now its back in for a few ‘tweaks’ and a green fish eye inlay. It has a strongly defined sound and a type of sustain that only a bowl back can produce.

2014-09-10 16.37.10

The first one of these I made in the 80’s went to friend Pete Fyfe, said to have fingers “like crazed maggots” who kindly assessed the design, and said it was good. After seeing it and hearing it the second ¬†was commissioned by Christy Moore for Donal Lunny. Donal later commissioned a further bouzouki which he described as a ‘blarge’ with a 17″ wide body. Jimmy’s is stock at 13 1/2″ wide with a slightly shorter scale at 25 1/2″..