the refret inspector

Refret using Jescar wire to this vintage SG;

1964 SG

1964 SG

3 SG’s through the workshop this month, two with damage to the area around the controls.

This nice 1964 SG had a previous repair where a large piece of mahogany had been replaced. Unfortunately the piece of wood chosen was not a good match so I replaced it with a more suitable piece. Unfortunately I couldn’t do much about the butt joint where the end grains meet which inevitably reveals the repair.

Here’s the before and after pics;




and the refret;

7 frets in...

7 frets in…

45100 jescar wire

jescar 45100 spec wire

the local refret inspector

the refret inspector calls


Another refret, this time an old Hoffner President;

2014-11-26 17.57.292014-11-26 17.56.52



another 60’s SG;

2014-11-21 17.43.03


a 1959 strat in fiesta red;

2014-10-30 12.27.54